Art of Creating Brows

Semi permanent make-up that lasts 2 - 3 yrs. Microblading/Microshading

is a perfect  solution for those who love fuller brows, fill-in overly plucked

brows, cover gaps, looking forward for more defined brows or to get a 

custom brow shape.

Microblading is not drawing tattoos on your brows. Its more

precise and fine procedure of drawing hair strokes that resembles your

natural hair growth.

Whereas Microshading is a advanced and very precise procedure of

depositing pigment in top layer of skin under brows to bring a powdered

look for more definition in brows.

Microblading/MicroShading is multiple Visit procedure performed by our

certified artist(s). 

First appointment takes roughly 3 to 4 hrs which includes 30-40 Minutes to understand your brow 

shape requirement and discuss how our Microblading experts can help achieve desired results.

Second visit takes 1hrs to1.5 Hrs to deposit another layer of pigment to last few years.

Satisfaction assured!

Microblading-Microshading Regular $600 This Month $550